Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's Swap {you said so}

Alright...majority vote says {drum roll please} you want to do a craft swap. You wan't to swap something homemade. I had a good number of forms filled out and everyone seemed to be interested in a homemade craft swap.

Libby at It's Never Too Late...Although I'm Always Late is co-hosting with me and we are very excited to be doing this!

I am so excited. I think this will generate more excitement than another link-up. So, if you are interested, please fill out the form below and spread the word. All I ask is that you share a button, tweet, share on facebook, blog about it, something.

So here it is...

- Sign up will run Monday, August 20th until Friday, August 31st.
- On Tuesday, September 4th you will receive an email with the name of your swap partner along with their address and possible craft ideas
-You will have three weeks to complete your homemade craft and get it mailed out. Email myself {} or Libby {, } by Friday, September 21st with a picture of you addressed and post marked package. {you don't have to show what's inside, we just want to make sure everyone gets something}
-The reveal swaps and link up will happen on Monday, October 8th.
- You will send a HANDMADE item to your partner of no greater value than $25.00.
- If you sign up, you must send a craft as well as receive it - we need mutual participation here folks!
- Please, please, please try and stick to the timeline as close as possible- we understand emergency situations and will accomodate, but please be mindful of your partner. ALSO--me mindful of time. Don't pick a crafty thing that is going to take you three months to finish. Remember, you only have three weeks to have your project finished and mailed.
-Be creative! Please don't go out and buy something. That's the whole point of this give someone something unique that no one else will have. Challenge yourself, but again, don't over challenge to the point you won't be able to get it done!
- On Monday, October 8th, we will have a show and tell link up! You will be able to show off your new crafty gift! 
- Craft away! Remember, this is meant to be fun! Don't stress. Communicate with your partner, get to know them through their blog, email, tweet, text back and forth! 
Phew...I think that's all. Sorry if it seems a little overwhelming

 I have set up a new email account for the blog...please email me at theordinarywifeblog {at} gmail {dot} com if you have ANY questions.

Please fill out the form below to participate. I'm not ruling out the option to make this international, but I would need two people from the same country to pair together. {ex. two crafties from Canada to swap or two crafties from Germany, ect}

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