Thursday, March 6, 2014

They Shot Me

Happy Thursday everyone!

Yesterday I had to go in for my second ultrasound this cycle to see if my follies were ready for the trigger shot. I was so nervous because these ultrasounds are pretty expensive and our insurance doesn't cover them because they are claimed under infertility.

Either way, I had three follicles that were ready to go!! I honestly can't remember which side was which but I'm pretty sure that I had two good ones on the right and one good one on the left. The two on one side were both 20mm. The other side was 17mm.

I guess anything 17 and above is good according to my Dr. I'm trying not to think about it (how do you not) because I don't want anything to factor in to it not happening or not attaching or this and that and on and on.

I got the shot in my backside and let me tell you...ouch. It didn't actually hurt when they did the shot but afterwards. Man, around where it went in is killer. But, the realization I had to come to today was that....I don't feel good. I'm nauseous, exhausted, crampy (oh so crampy) and extremely moody!!! I was reading a forum today that said that 10,000 iu of HCG is equal to 9-13 weeks pregnant. Hello! No wonder I'm exhausted. I feel like I could fall over at any minute. Now, if it were only the case that I was truly pregnant. We will have to wait to find that out though! But for now I will relish in what is going on in my body. It's working, albeit with drugs, but it's working!

I start the progesterone on Saturday and then we wait. and wait. and wait. until the 21st. Which is the first day they told me to test. The nurse made sure I knew not to test before the 21st because with the HCG you can get a false positive and of course I don't want that! Hopes up, hopes down. Again, I was reading and they said to definitely not test before 10 DPO which would be the 17th. I'll try and hold out but we will see. No promises made here!!

I don't have any pictures from the Dr but I do have a picture of my lovely parents who went with me yesterday and stood by my side. Unfortunately my husbands job isn't as lenient as mine for time off so he can't be at this appointments. It's important but not as important as whats to come! I had another appointment with my hematologist yesterday too so it was an all day adventure. I'll write more on that later.


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