Monday, March 17, 2014

On the low side


I'm on the low side.

I'm just having one of those days. You know, like circumstantial depression I guess you could call it.
There are a few things going on around us that are just bringing me down. I have to remember that God gives me the strength and the peace and the drive to go on. It's hard to remember that though, its hard to rely, its hard to have faith. Some times I feel like I've been there. I've tried that and a lot of times it seems to only get worse.
I've decided to take a break from Facebook. I can't do it right now. There are a lot of people announcing pregnancy and talking about being pregnant. People hinting to the idea of trying again or hinting that they are pregnant but haven't come out and say it.
Do you ever feel like people do things with a hidden intention. Like they mean for it to be known and thrown in your face, but they don't realize it? I'm sure a lot of people thing its me or whomever being overly sensitive but you can tell the malicious from the non. I'm not just talking about babies and pregnancy either. Friendships, relationships, material things, possessions. Things they know you want or need and that they can get freely. Have you ever told someone you wanted something and they go out and get it? Then it doesn't seem special to you. Thanks.
There are other circumstances, friends that come and go, life happenings, and things of that sort that are going on as well. It's hard when things change.
So today, I'm just taking my space. Trying to trust. Trying to have faith. Trying to remember I'm in this moment for a reason. It's only for a season. Please...only a short season!

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  1. Thanks for your note on my blog. I see you are also trying to get pregnant. I understand what you say about facebook. I try to close my eyes when I scroll down and see pregnancy or birth posts. I have a fourteen year old boy but for someone who desperately wants another baby , hopefully a girl, I can't bring myself to be happy for those who are successful in making babies.


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