Friday, February 28, 2014

Lookie what came in the mail

So on Wednesday I received this beauty in the mail!! This is the HCG trigger shot I will hopefully be taking this next Wednesday. I am believing this will be the best $$ spent!!! I took my last Clomid pills today!! Yippie!

We did Clomid before but never with a trigger shot. That's what caused the 3 cm cyst on my ovary because I wasn't monitored and was just given Clomid over and over for 4 months. This time will be different though. I'm so excited.

Sadly, when I get excited so much on the inside that I feel like I'm going to burst, I tell myself to stop it. Don't get your hopes up. You've been here before, thinking that this is the month. If the Dr. will only give me Clomid I'll get pregnant the first month, I know it. 4 months later I was in worse shape than when I started. Now, we are in the same boat and I'm soooooo super happy. I can't even explain the anticipation and excitement I'm having right now, but also the anxiety and doubt.

So, I've decided to move forward with my thoughts. Quit thinking about what happened at the other Dr. We are seeing specialists now and they are experienced and do this daily, multiple times. I am focusing on the day at hand. Tomorrow is the furthest I will look because there is no need to speculate what's going to happen. Worrying and contemplating is not going to change the results of the ultrasound on Wednesday.

Praying will though, I'm standing firm on believing that Wednesday will be the day that everything is ready and that we will be able to go ahead and take the shot and won't have to go back again for another ultrasound.

I also have my hematology appointment on Wednesday to see what is really going on with my blood and how much more treatment will be needed or not needed. Lots of new info coming my way!!!! Good news, good news, good news!!!!

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