Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Etsy Shop for a Good Cause + a Promo Code

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to share my Etsy Store with you and some exciting new things that are happening there!
I recently got these address labels and customized them to have all my shop and contact info on them! I AM IN LOVE!
Now, when you purchase something from the store you will receive a label with all the info on it so you can pass it along to friends or keep for future reference.
Tiny Prints is amazing to work with!!!
Honestly, I haven't ever had a more pleasant, smooth transaction with any other printing company. They are wonderful!!! I am so impressed with the quality off the labels and how quick and easy everything was.
They have everything! From graduation announcements, baby shower invites, pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, any type of party invites, labels for kids school supplies. The list goes on and on. Everything is customizable and very, very, reasonably priced. It's safe to say I love them! :)
I did do a craft show the Saturday before I received my labels and I was hoping I was going to receive them before the show, but things got moving a little too slow and they didn't get here on time.

Here are a few things from my shop....aaaaand

I also wanted to say that I've decided to make the proceeds from my shop strictly go to our fertility treatments. No, we aren't spending as much money as someone who is going through IVF, but we are spending quite a bit of money! It all adds up. When we started this journey, I didn't think that things were this expensive. I also thought that insurance would cover majority of it, guess what, ours doesn't! We have to pay for every ultrasound, every injection, every prescription, every office visit. It's expensive people! Isn't it sad that something "so natural" can cost someone so much money! Some people don't realize how lucky they have it do they? So, any purchases go straight in to a separate account for our special miracle that WE WILL have some day!!!

You can use code OHBABY123 for 15% off in the shop!!!

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