Monday, January 6, 2014

The Start of Something New

Tomorrow is the start of something new. Tomorrow is the day we start seeing a fertility specialist.

So far our journey has looked like this...

24 months of trying
22 negative pregnancy tests
1 large cyst
2 months of birth control
2 miscarriages
4 months of Clomid
730 stressed out days

I'm done being stressed out about this. I've come to terms with the fact that it will probably take us a little longer than some couples to conceive. And that's ok because I understand there are many, many, many couples who cannot have children on their own. And right now, I still have hope that we will.

I cannot believe the number of couples that go through this on a daily basis. When I started looking in to it and researching I was blown away. As weird as this sounds, it's such a relief to know that we aren't alone and we aren't going through this by ourselves.

I am so excited for tomorrow. My regular OB has been incredibly helpful, but I feel the time has come to move one. She can no longer help us, she is out of options, and in my opinion kind of giving up on us. Which is not ok, but it is. It pushed me to move on to someone else, a specialist that deals specifically with infertility and has an amazing success rate.

So tomorrow, we go and we figure out a game plan. Let's do this. I'm not sure what step will be first but I know that it will be a step in the right direction. I'm tired of just trying things and seeing if they will work.

My cliché 2014 goal is to be all I do. In every area of my life. It's hard and I have to constantly shoot down thoughts of negativity and some times a few things slip out that are negative and I have to remind myself that it's not doing me or my husband any good. It's just not. NO need!

I will keep you updated and let ya know how it goes tomorrow. I am going to start writing out our journey. If for nothing else, for Mike and me to remember the walk and path we took to get our sweet miracle(s).

fresh start
PS...I'm going to be changing the name of this blog. I'm sure I'll lose some of you as I have already but that's ok. I will miss you but I understand.

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