Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Office Transformation...W.I.P

When we were in the process of redoing our office floor, we were both thinking, "what did we get ourselves in to"!?!? It ended up not being as bad as we thought it was going to be originally, but still hard enough. I can't really say much because my husband did all of the sanding, but it was still a pain staining and scrubbing!
Oh, and sorry in advance for some of these pictures. They are all cell pics and were taken at night.
This was the lovely orange shag carpet! I'm sure it would have come back in style eventually but it smelled. So it had to go!

The wonderful padding and nastiness that stained the beautiful, already finished, wood underneath. We were secretly hoping that we wouldn't have to refinish and we would be able to just take the carpet up and floors.

Not so much!

The lovely stains the padding left.
After scrubbing for HOURS. No change!
Here we go. Mind you...this is the first time we have ever done this so we started in the closet! Smart thinking right? Right! We rented the sanders from Home Depot. We didn't really think it was necessary to waste the money to buy them. They have really great prices and they were super easy to use! (no HD didn't sponsor me) We used the small sander for the closet and around the outer edge of the walls. What they don't tell you is that the big sander doesn't exactly go all the way to the edge of where you sanded, so this is where we ran in to problems. See, we returned the small sander and got the bigger one not realizing that we hadn't sanded out far enough. So we had to buy a small "mouse" sander and do it all my hand! Fun.

Using the big sander and making progress! We pulled all the baseboards off to make sure we got close enough to the wall.
All sanded

First coat of stain. I was debating on whether or not to leave it this color. I loved it but it didn't match the furniture I was going to put in there. The wood wouldn't absorb the stain at first. Not sure why....maybe the stain. So we opened a new can of stain for the second coat and it was sooo much easier and nicer to put on!

Second coat...see what I mean? It doesn't even compare to the first coat. Way darker!

All finished with baseboards on!

Nice piece of furniture that my in laws got us for Christmas!

New ceiling fan. The old one was the one that everyone has in their know with the gold detail. Yuck.

Unfinished desk that my husband built me. It needs stained and glass put on top but its almost there!

My lovely World Market chair. I'm in love.

I went with an American theme. Not necessarily red, white, and blue, but American.

Don't mind my husband's riding boot box and the level. This is from the inside looking out. I still need to refinish the door, finish the desk, and finish my chalkboard calendar that I'm painting on the wall and we should be good to go. Oh, then there's the filing. We won't go there!!
This was a great project and I want to do the rest of the house. It's just convincing my hubs to get as excited!

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