Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Letters \10.11.13/

Dear Husband, I'm so sorry that your grandfather passed away Monday. I know you two weren't that close but I'm sure losing a grandparent is still hard! I love you.
Dear Fall, I'm in love with you. I just don't like what comes after you! Although I'm excited for the first snow, but then that's all.
Dear God, You have made this earth so beautiful. I'm amazed when I look outside and see all the leaves changing and all of the colors that you've created. You're amazing! Thank you for blessing us with the ability to enjoy it!
Dear Boots, I can't find a pair that are cheap and will fit me right. I must have superhuman calves because there are no boots in stores that I can wear? What the...does everyone that wears boots have super skinny calves? Can't be. I've seen tons of people with not so skinny calves walking around in adorable boots. Where are they?
Dear Work Pants, I'm not ready to wear you. I really don't enjoy wearing pants. Honestly if I could wear a dress 365 days a year I would. Not joking!
Dear Husband, I know I already wrote to you once, but I need to tell you how incredibly excited I am that I get to spend tonight and all weekend with you. It's a first since you started school. The possibilities are endless. I love you.
Now I'll leave you with an adorable picture of my niece. Enjoy.
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