Monday, October 7, 2013


Well Hello There!!!

Long time no see right? Phew...what a crazy summer. There is a lot I want to tell you all but I won't tell you all in one post ok? OK!

So, update on the baby status...there still is NO baby Covington. But that's ok. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to have to be patient and wait for a little blessing. {just not too long, ok God?} It's been a long journey so far but we are believing that the journey of trying will come to and end soon and we can move on to the journey of pregnancy and raising a little Covington!

My husband has started school again...I'm not going to go in to too many details on here but it's been a little hard. I barely get to see him because of school and work. We are just trying to make the most of time when we do have it together.

Although, with him in school I have a lot of time to myself so I'm crafting and am going to have a booth at a craft fair with one of my friends next month. I think I'm going to love it! I will have some tutorials on here but I'm not going to do it every Tuesday like I used to. It just got to be too much for me.

I've also been spending time with my niece who is now 4 months old!! Holy!!

I probably won't blog every day like I used to, but I will try and write at least 3 times a week if not more. I miss you all soooo much, but with the infertility and testing and fertility drugs and school and summer and this and that and this and that, it was hard to dedicate time to blogging.

But, I'm here now and will hopefully be able to stay again. I don't want to get burned out like I did last time.

P.S. Where did my Google Connect go and how do I get it back?!

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  1. Yay! Welcome Back my dear!
    God has bigger and greater plans for you...all at it's time. :)
    Congrats on your booth...wishing you tons of luck! Hugs!


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