Monday, June 17, 2013

Opening Up about Our Trying to Get Pregnant Journey

Hello! Happy Monday Morning! Right? Right!

I have decided to be very candid about what's going on in our little world lately. {which is part of the reason I had to stop blogging for a while} I couldn't emotionally pour myself in to this little space. I haven't been very strong through this whole process. It can only get better from here right?

First of all...if you have been around here for any length of time you know that we had a miscarriage last April {you can read about it here} and ever since, nothing has been the same.

It took my period 6 months to start. Now, normally I wouldn't complain about that. 6 months without a period...can I get an amen? But when you're trying to get pregnant that doesn't really work. The doctor told us to wait 3 months before we actively tried to get pregnant. We decided to wait a little bit because I was overweight and thought it would be good for me to lose some weight.

I stuck with that for a little while and we started trying. Nothing happened.

My periods were becoming more and more irregular each month and each month I thought I was pregnant because my periods were always late. Test after test after test....NEGATIVE. I'm sure if you've tried and haven't been successful even the first month of trying you know how disappointing it is to not see that 2nd line or to read NOT PREGNANT.

There are so many women who are struggling with infertility it's crazy. Blog after blog I read and there is most of the time someone who is struggling with getting pregnant or has had to be on fertility aids/meds of some sort.

6 months of trying without success and it was time to go to the doctor. I hadn't been to the doctor since my miscarriage and d & c so it was time for my yearly anyways. I talked to her about the options and what to do from this point. She ordered an ultrasound and some blood work to see if I was ovulating and what my ovaries looked like.

PCOS. Yep...diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. Which meant I wasn't ovulating, which means no egg to be fertilized. about a ton of bricks. This whole time we had high hopes and each month was going to be the month and in reality there was no chance. Which also explained why I didn't have regular periods and why it took 6 months for me to even have a period.

My body hasn't been the same since my miscarriage...there were no signs of ovulation so I figured something was up. Plus my periods had been spot on before I got pregnant and now they were allllll over the place.

We are now on the next leg of the journey....I have started Clomid. This post it too long already so I will write more in a couple of days.

Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this hopefully not long journey. We need strength because it's emotionally draining. {which I'll talk about another time too} For now we're trying to stay positive and just enjoy this time of growing with each other. Of course it's stressful but we still have each other and that's really all that matters!



  1. Will pray for you Dani! I know several people who have had great luck with Clomid! And I admire your strength and openness about everything. Take care!

  2. I love you so much!! I have been praying, please keep me updated!


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