Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Healthy Ice Cream {Guest Post with Emily}

Newlywed MomentsHi friends! My name is Emily and I blog over at Newlywed Moments about everything from romance to recipes to real life. Some random facts about me: I got married this June to my best friend and high school sweetheart. I love Jesus. I hate coffee but I’m still addicted to Starbucks. I’m from the northeast but secretly wish I lived in the south.  Oh, and I absolutely LOVE making blog friends…so make sure you come visit! Thank you so much Danielle for having me on the blog today -- you're the best!! Onto the good, I'm sharing the secret recipe for HEALTHY ICE CREAM! I know what you're can that be?!

Well, here's the's made of bananas. I decided to make this for my husband as an alternative to a 400-calorie bowl of ice cream. There were only two problems. #1: I ended up putting melted chocolate on top (don't ask me why), so it turned into non-healthy ice cream anyway. #2: My husband hates bananas, and while I couldn't tell too much of a difference, he tasted it right away. So here's the deal: if you want to eat healthy ice cream and don't mind bananas, then this recipe is for you!

What You Need...
4 bananas, just slightly overripe
2 tbsp creamy peanut butter 2 tsp cocoa powder

What You Do... 1. Peel the bananas and slice  them into 1/4 to 1/2 inch disks. 2. Put the banana slices in a plastic bag in the freezer for about an hour until they are frozen. 3. Pulse the frozen slices in a food processor / blender until they turn into an ice cream texture.  4. Mix in peanut butter, cocoa powder, and anything else you want! This makes soft serve ice cream, but if you want it firmer, freeze it and then let sit out two minutes before you eat.


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