Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {Felt Bat Banner}

It's time for Halloween Decor! This is the first year I really got in to decorating and it's kind of fun. I grew up not celebrating Halloween or dressing up. I feel a little bit jipped but thats ok. :)

I'm going to share with you this SUPER EASY {because that's what we're about here at The Life} bat banner/garland you can hang anywhere. I just decided to put it up on my mantel. We hung our T.V. above our mantel so I can't really ever decorate the top too much!
Materials Needed:
1. Half bat template. I just cut one out on a piece of paper the way I wanted it to look.
2. Chalk
3. Scissors
4. Felt
5. Needle
6. Fishing Line
 Make your bat template. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of this. I should have taken pictures of this. It's really easy though. Just start at the bottom straight edge of a piece of paper, can be any type of paper, and draw a half circle for the body and make the wings. I made the bottom of my wings with some points and the top straight. It's really easy. It may look intimidating but it's really not!
 Fold your felt in half.
Place your template on the fold of your felt. Make sure you put the straight edge up against the fold.

Draw the outline with some white chalk. White chalk works the best on black felt. If you have another way of tracing then by all means.
Cut out your bat while the felt is still folded in half. This way when you unfold it your bat will be symmetrical.
Here's what you should have after you unfold it. Perfect on both sides
Thread your needle with the fishing line. In through the top and out through the bottom so the fishing line runs on the back of your bat.
Hang it up!


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  1. I love the bats! Your mantle is beautiful and ready for a great Halloween. Thank you for the instructions.


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