Monday, October 8, 2012

Handmade Craft Swap Link Up Party

It's time to link up your homemade craft swap items! I'm so excited to share mine with you!

My partner was Katie. She is such a sweet heart! I loved being her partner. She hand knit me some dish cloths for my kitchen. I love them. She told me I would fall in love with them and never turn back to store bought cloths and I think she's right. Now I just have to figure out how to make them so I can have tons more! {I hate doing laundry}

So, now it's time for you all to link up and show off your crafty gifts!!!!!


  1. Someone gave me some of those for my wedding! I've actually never used them because I haven't wanted them to start getting all worn out yet. :P I know that doesn't make sense...but lots of people gave me discloths for my wedding so I decided to just use a few until they're worn out and I'll still have a whole set of new ones to break out without having to buy more! Thanks for hosting the swap!

  2. I am still waiting for my swap to arrive but I am glad you enjoyed yours

  3. Danielle, I never received the link for sharing the items I received!! :)
    Thx, Kim S.


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