Friday, October 5, 2012

The 100 Project

Riana @ Beyond My Wildest Dreams discovered this amazing idea and has decided to put her own little spin on it. When I saw the idea, I knew I had to get involved! So now I am co-hosting with her!! I think it's a genius idea! No competition....just old school picture taking!

Here are the details...

The 100 Project. It's a project that has individuals aged 1-100 each document a week in their life.
It is really cool as you look the pictures of all of these individuals, of all different ages, from all over the world. It is really facinating to see life through their eyes, in all aspects: location, age, life experience, daily activities, etc.
Meet the 100.

They are now making The 100 Week a public event. During the 100 Week (October 1st-7th) we have the opportunity to participate by buying a disposable camera and taking pictures to document our lives. Once we've had the film developed we post up our pictures and share them with everyone else.

I think it'd be a super cool idea for us to have a Disposable Camera Link-Up and post our pictures together documenting our lives through the lens of a Disposable Camera.

Why a disposable camera you ask? "We're asking that people use disposable cameras to level the playing field - its not about the latest hardware, editing, tagging, filters and real-time sharing, but rather a slower, perhaps more considered reflection upon yourself. You don't need to worry about aperture, exposure, focus. You just need to think about what you'd like to capture."

I was thinking we could link up the 27th of October. That way everyone has enough time to get their disposable camera, take the pictures, get them developed, and post them. I'd love you to participate and spread the word to all your friends.
Grab a button and get to snapping those pictures!



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