Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinspiration {Halloween Decor}

Now that it's October it's officially time to start decorating for Halloween. In my book I don't like to start decorating for seasons too far in advance because I get sick of them by the time they actually come around. Christmas is the only exception to this rule!!

So, rarely ever do I actually take the time to make things that I pin on Pinterest. Right? I mean who has all that time? Not me! A lot of the time I have really great intentions so I buy all the supplies, but never actually follow through. It's pretty lame actually! I could have wonderful tutorials for you all but I don't because I don't actually do it!

I hear by declare....I am making Halloween decorations this year and yes they are from Pinterest! I wanted to share a few of them with you. None of these are my original ideas, but I can't wait to make them and make them my own!!!!!!!! Some people are so stinkin' creative!

1. Floating Ghost from Shatzi over at Love and Laundry
This is the most ingenious thing I have ever seen! She is brilliant, her mom rather, I can't believe the talent!

2. Paper Cup Lights from
Again, super cute and easy! So smart! I love this for the mantle. You could hang these across a mirror or front window!!!
3. Eyes in the bushes from Priscilla over at Thrifty Crafty Girl
We don't really have any big bushes yet, but this is crazy cool! I'm sure I could find somewhere to hide these. She taped red cellophane on the inside and strung Christmas lights through them....amazing!!!
4. Felt Bat Garland from Jean over at The Artful Parent
I love this one because she gives you a pattern to follow so you don't have to try and freehand draw bats. This is super helpful because I'm not a freehand drawer at all!! I'm pretty sure she got the idea from Country Living but used felt instead of paper to make it last longer!!!
5. Spider Pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens
So cute and so easy! Pretty much no effort or craftiness needed for this!!!
6. Spooky Cat Table Cloth from Better Homes and Gardens
This is actually no sew! It's all felt that sticks to each other. I might want to sew them in place though because I'm sure my kitty would end up knocking them off!!
7. Monster or Spider door. This one is actually from Disney 
You could expand so much on this idea, but how incredibly cute!! I'm for sure doing this!! This is the best thing I've found so far!! Way better than a wreath...don't ya think?!


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