Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {coin purse}

Ready for back to school? I don't have to worry about it yet, although I miss school sometimes. What better to send your kids lunch money to school with than a cute coin pouch. Great for girls or boys!

Material Needed
1. two pieces of fabric cut to equal size 7 x 9 1/2"
2. piece of batting that is 6 1/2 x 9 1/2" {you won't see it unless you're using see through fabric}
3. zipper that is at least 9 inches long or longer
4. straight pins
5. scissors
6. ruler
7. sewing machine
8. zipper foot for your machine

Cut out your pieces of fabric and batting. I used the same fabric for the inside and outside, but you can do contrasting if you would like. I just used scrap fabric that I had laying around and had enough for both.
My suggestion would be to cut the batting the same length, but not the same width. This will keep it from bulking up the seams.

 Lay your outer fabric wrong side up and place the piece of batting on top of it. Center the batting, it should be about 1/4" shorter on each side. The length should be the same.

 Lay your inner piece wrong side down on top, so the batting is sandwiched in between your two pieces.

Pin it together.

Using a basting stitch {which is the longest stitch on your machine} sew all 4 sides together.
I tired to show the long stitches in this picture, but it didn't turn out too well!

Now for the zipper. Switch your regular foot to a zipper foot. Don't be intimidated. I used to never want to make anything with a zipper but once you do it for the first time you won't be afraid anymore. Hopefully this is an easy way to break you in!

Lay your sewn piece lining side face up on top of your zipper. Make sure your zipper is facing up too. The zipper handle should be facing towards the ceiling.
Line the edge of your fabric up with the top of the zipper.

This is where it might get a little confusing for you. I didn't really take enough pictures to show you either and for that I'm sorry. But I will try and explain it with words the best I can.

Bend the piece you just sewed back so that the outer fabric is facing up. Then fold it in half and place the other end along the edge of the zipper like in the picture. Your zipper should still be facing up. If you have any questions about this, email me and let me know. I can try and explain it or make another and take some better pictures.

At this point, you're going to want to unzip your zipper a bit. Make sure you do this step. If you don't you will end up sewing your purse shut without a way to get it open again.

As you can see in this picture, how the edges are folded under near the opening of the zipper. That's what it should look like if you did the steps above correctly. {if you could understand my horrible explanation}

Top stitch along both sides of your zipper. This will help keep your folds in place.  I didn't take a picture of this part either but I'm pretty sure you know how to top stitch. {If not, let me know and I can do a little tutorial for ya!}

Turn the purse inside out so the zipper is facing the inside. Now, you should decide where you want your zipper placed. You can move it down, up, in the middle, or on the top. Totally up to you. I chose to have my a little off center.

Sew a 1/4" seam along the two edges. Make sure you sew over your zipper a couple times {neatly} so that your zipper doesn't slip or fray after you cut it.

Trim the excess off of your zipper and you seams if you don't want a lot of seam showing on the inside.

Snip your corners so you have nice crisp points.

This is what you should have before you turn it right side out.

Flip it right side out and poke your corners out. I use a pen that is retracted. {you know a clicker pen} But you can use whatever you want.

And there you have it. A cute coin purse for you littles to take with them to school. Or an extra change carrier if you're like me and never spend your change. Then it ends up bulking up my wallet, so I carry one of these and it doesn't do that! You also have enough space in there to carry an ID or credit card if you don't feel like carrying around your purse or wallet.


  1. I really need to get brave enough to try a project, even a little one like this, involving a zipper--that's one sewing milestone I've definitely been reluctant to cross.

    1. you should! If you mess up, oh well! no one has to see it but you! :)

  2. I too am scared of zippers. lol. This is just adorable. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.



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