Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bahama Cruise 2012 {The Ship-Picture Dump}

The name of our ship

Our ship with a beautiful sunset in the Bahamas

This picture is at CoCo Cay but it's the only way I could get a full picture of the ship

Formal Night

Little Food Peguins

Watermelon Fishies

We couldn't figure out if this was supposed to be a man or a monkey!?

Mike's favorite spot during the trip!

Royal Carribean logo in the pool
Pool Chairs
Basketball Court

Towel Monkey from our houekeeper

Bed area

Where I got ready every day

Peepin' out the port hole
His other favorite spot. Looking at the water

Very deep in thought in the casino
Auditorium where all the shows were

Last but not least....our favorite spot to eat while on the ship. Sorrento's Pizza!

More to come! I'll try and break it down for you so you don't get picture overload! :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I hope y'all had a good time! Our first cruise was this year in July - we're already planning the next :)



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