Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters {9.7.12}

Friday! We're in love! Even though I want to be where I was last Friday, I can't complain that it's the weekend. I can't believe it's been a week already since we were at the beach! Crazy how fast time goes huh?! Just a little reminder there are 108 days until Christmas. Just saying. Really? Where has the time gone?! Holy guacamole!
Dear Vacation, you were wonderful! You will be sadly missed until next year! Until then...stay beautiful! ;)
Dear Husband, vacation was amazing with you! Even though we're back to the mundane work life, I still feel like I'm on vacation with you! Paradise!
Dear Bloggy Friends, thanks for being patient with me while I was gone! Weren't all the ladies that were here wonderful!? I love them all dearly!
Dear Tutorial Tuesday, I don't have anything made for you yet and you're only a couple days away. I will be cooking this weekend so I will probably do a recipe tutorial. Excited about that!
Dear Life, are you ready to slow down yet for the winter months? I know I am. C'mon!
Dear Husband, you're wonderful. That's all! :)

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