Thursday, August 30, 2012

My List with Katelyn

Are you the kind of person who writes lists? I definitely am! I write lists for EVERYTHING. I get teased by some of my friends for it sometimes because they think I'm a little crazy! But I can't help it; I just LOVE a nice, organized list! They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :) can anyone relate??

Well, I want to tell you about a particular list of mine that is a more popular type; in fact, you may even have one! And that is... my Bucket List! You know, the list of things you want to do before you die, AKA "kick the bucket"! Ha! Actually, my bucket list is fairly new in it's written form. It's been floating around in my mind for years; you know those times when you see or hear about something crazy, fun or random and you think, "Oh, that's going on my list". So I finally decided, well, I'm 25 years old - it's probably about time to start writing this list down and checking things off!
My list ranges from the more time consuming goals to totally random little things that I just know I HAVE to do at some point in my life!
For example: 'Learn Spanish', and 'Go Parasailing, followed by 'See a movie in the theater alone'. All of these made the list.

So for this first post on "My List", I will tell you about a little item which I checked off just this last week. That was, "Randomly jump in the ocean in my clothes". Kinda hard to plan a random event though, right? Yeah. But it was on my list! So I did not plan it.

I was working at a house under construction all day in the heat, so I was literally dripping with sweat, like clothes soaked. Blech. I started to head home at the end of the day, when I just had the thought that the most amazing feeling right now would be to jump into a nice, cold pool.... or ocean!! Aha! Random! Before I could talk myself out of it I turned my car around and headed to the beach. Don't think about being covered in sand, or soaking wet without a towel or change of clothes! Just go! I parked my car at Sunset Beach, jumped out and ran down to the water before I could talk myself out it. Dropping my shoes, phone and keys on the sand, I ran into the water and straight into the waves! It was quite exhilarating! And felt sooo good.Dripping wet, with pockets, shorts and undergarments FULL of sand, I went back to the car and made my way home, feeling quite please with my accomplishment (not to mention very refreshed).

 My question for you is: How often do you do spontaneous, silly or totally random things just for the sheer fun of it? Remember: YOLO! You. Only. Live. Once. So... what's on your list??



  1. I'm a sucker for a good list. I have a notebook full, and they start to take up the pages of my notepad and calendar too. Looks like you have a pretty good list going - I didn't realize I wanted to ride an elephant until now

    1. Right?? See, I knew there were more out there like me haha. Hey, glad I could help add to your list!

  2. Love this Katelyn! I'm inspired!!

  3. Well I totally didn't write an intro to go with this post! My bad... I'm Katelyn, I'm Danielle's cousin, and this is my guest post! I'm 25 years old & single, and I currently work as an assistant pastor in Long Beach CA! I enjoy making little adventure in life, and if you wanna come visit my page over at "Legal Adventures", it's .. Stop by!


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