Friday, August 31, 2012

Help, I'm Melting {crayons} with Libby

I want to introduce Libby to you all. She is one of my sponsors this month! She has become one of my best blogging friends from the Christmas in July Swap this year! I truly cherish our bloggy friendship! Go show her some love! Not just because I'm telling you to, but because she is such a sweet person! She went over and above as my swap partner and blew me away!!!


Danielle totally ROCKS for sharing her little space with me while she's away with her honey getting some R&R. I hope they're both having fun for them and me too!
I'm Libby and over in my little space, I love to write about a little bit of everything. My family, my friends, my nieces, my honey, Mickey Mouse, traveling, you know all that random stuff.
I'd tell you a little bit about myself but that may make you snooze, and we want to keep all of Danielle's new friends, not lose them. :) But if you have some time and really want to get to know me, come by and stay for a while, I like to think that I'm pretty interesting.
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If you've been around long enough, you've had your chance to see some of Danielle's DIY projects. (I have yet to try a few of them) Since she's so creative and crafty, I decided I'd test out some of my creative skills, and share them with you.
 A few months ago, I did some research on summer projects to do with my nieces at home and came across "Crayon Art". It looked pretty easy, and best of all it's affordable.
This past weekend, my honey, my nieces and I attempted it. 
Supplies: Crayons, canvas board, newspaper, glue gun, glue sticks, blow dryer
Directions: Glue crayons on canvas board
Place canvas over newspaper or on ground.
Turn blow dryer on until wax melts
And there you have your masterpiece.
Here are pictures of our crayon art.
(We weren't sure if it was safe to leave the crayon wrapper so we unwrapped each crayon.)
Here it goes!!!
 Then it started to get kind of messy, so we flipped the canvas.
Crayons weren't melting properly, the others were falling off... 
not as easy as we thought it'd be.
 & there you have it
 Layla's Masterpiece
 Lydia's Masterpiece
So our first attempt was not as successful as we expected, but I was DETERMINED to master it.
I went out and purchased another canvas, Crayola crayons (not the cheap ones from the dollar store) left the wrapper on the crayons, glued them to the canvas, and melted away.
This is what my NOT-so masterpiece looks like.
Total FAIL
This is what it's supposed to like:
I'm DETERMINED to MASTER this piece.
When I do I promise to share it with you!
This is an easy to do at home project that was affordable, somewhat messy but overall lots of FUN.
P.S. if you hear the blow dryer on and you're not using, RUN there's a pretty big chance your little ones are melting something. heeheeheee

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  1. Hey libby!!! I did this same project a while back and wanted to give you some tips. Do keep using crayola crayons (the others just suck) and then glue them on in the order you want. When you're reading to blow dry, use the low setting at first and concentrate it only on the bottom portion of the crayons and small sections at a time. Once you start getting the crayons to melt turn the dryer on high, to force the wax downwards. This is what worked great for me. It takes a bit of time to move the wax the way you want it, but it works!! hope this helps! :)

    kelly elizabeth


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