Wednesday, May 23, 2012


As I was walking down the path that goes around the lake by our house I was checking out all the "weeds" that were growing along side of it. It's truly amazes me how some "weeds" can grow the most beautiful flowers. If you think about it God makes even the "weeds" beautiful. He never creates anything that is bad or doesn't have a purpose.


This is a lot like people in this world. You know the ones that we consider "weeds." The ones that we throw beside the path and the ones that we take out of our life because we don't think they are good enough or beautiful enough. Honestly, I very much dislike real weeds in my flower beds. I wish there was a way to get rid of them for good. The worst ones are the ones with the pricklies on know which ones im talking about...these ones!!!!!

Anyways...I have been challenged (by myself and God) to look around at the weeds and quit judging them so quickly as a bad thing. Unfortunately in my flower beds the only weeds that grow are these prickly ones that I have to dig out because I'm to sissy to pull them out {even with gloves on}. Take time to stop and smell the "weeds" in your life. Of course I'm not literally talking about weeds that grow in your garden or yard....I'm talking about people. People that God created and people that we should love. You never may be a "weed" in someone elses life. Don't be so quick to pull them out of your life...they may end producing beautiful "flowers" that you can enjoy...even if it is beside the path that you're walking on.

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