Wednesday, May 9, 2012

dont happy

so as i was reflecting on this i felt the need to post about it! there are so many times when i let things that are going on around me determine how i feel. i dont want that. i want how i feel to determine things that are going on around me. i want to be the light and brightness for the people that i come in contact with throughout my day.

i dont feel like ive been doing a very good job of this. some days i dont feel like being nice or being happy (which is normal) but i want to be able to turn that around. i took a moment to look at my life and question whats so wrong in my life that i cannot be happy every day. the answer you ask...NOTHING! of course there are some things that have happened that i can let ruin my days and make me bitter or ungrateful but why?!?! that doesnt do anyone any good.

i have a wonderful life...full of great people. my husband and i are healthy, our parents and families are healthy, we have a beautiful home, we both have jobs...we may not have tons of money and be super wealthy but we dont lack for anything. things are good...there is no reason for me not be happy.

i thank God for what he has given me because it could always be worse. He has given us a life of wonderfulness (is that a word?)!!!!!!!

be happy today...and every day. if theres something/someone in your life that isnt making you happy take a look at it and make sure it/they are really worth being in your life. you have the ability to change your attitude...DO IT!

happy wednesday....

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