Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#1 thing i miss about oklahoma...


 these b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. skies. simply breathtaking. every morning when i would drive to work i would see something like this and it was amazing. it made me be thankful to God and remember that he is in control of everything that moves and lives...including me and my problems.
{i thought the last picture was appropriate since it looks like a bunny...hoppy easter!!}

this morning we got semi close {see pic below}...but not very close. but it reminded me that God made the sky in canton, ohio too....not just in broken arrow, oklahoma

i am going to make the most of every day and not let things that are going on around me bother me. people come and workers...ect. but God will always be there. he has never failed anyone....anyone...up to this point and i dont think hes going to start with you or me. :) people make mistakes {including myself...see here}but thankfully we have a God who forgives when youre ready to change...i am and was ready and am ready to forget my mistakes and make myself a better person.
what do you think about when you see skies like these?
can't wait for services this weekend....if youre in the canton and surrounding areas stop on out to Faith Family Church for an amazing life changing service. you wont regret it...

p.s. this is really the #1 thing i miss the best friend Jessica!!!


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