Tuesday, January 17, 2012

holy shmoly its 2012...


this year i have decided to share a little bit of my feelings and goals for 2012. first of all...wow...its 2012. i cannot believe it...i have been on this earth for 26 years. {well almost hint hint} alot has happened in those 26 years and when i look back and reflect on all the memories, friends, and things that have shaped me into the person i am today, i am so THANKFUL!!!! there are so many people who arent in my life anymore that helped me become the person i am. now...there are tons of people still in my life who have influenced me the most...helped me form ideas...helped me make those ideas tangible...and ultimately help me carry those ideas out. obviously there are too many people to name, but just know that if you have been in my life in the past 26 years, you have helped me become who i am today. i have taken a little of something from everyone. so thank you!

NOW...my feelings about 2012...
i feel like this year is going to be the best year of my/our {mike and i} life. we have so many things to look forward to. growing together #1. that is one of my top goals for this year. to grow and understand eachother in a way that only husband and wife can. now i understand majority of the things he does and why he does them. but i want to get to know him on the inside...the way he thinks and moves in his head. the reasoning behind what he does. of course not in a creepy want to be inside your head kind of way...but just so i can learn him and be a better wife. to be the wife he needs me to be without being naggy...to learn the things that i can do to better his life and to make him feel like he is the only person in this world that i love more than anything. he knows that because i tell him every day...multiple times a day {teehee} but i want it to go without saying...that when he walks in the door he can know that im there waiting to shower him with the love and attention that he needs. to know that hes my one and only for the rest of our lives here on this beautiful earth.
i also feel like this is our year to "come into ourselves." to be in a financial state where were more than ok. not to be haughty or self-loathing...but to be where we want to be.
we want to start our family this year. not saying were "planning" it persay, but when it happens its ok. we are so happy being together but we are excited to have an addition to our home...quincey {the cat} is ready for a little brother or sister. :)
we also want to do a lot of things to our house...the bathroom, the roof, mike wants to build a garage, and i want to get our bbq in the back yard fixed up so we can have people over for cookouts and fun activities {activities :)}
i want to personally do more crafting...maybe start working from home...i want to buy a sewing machine and learn to sew...learn to crochet...knit...make things i would never have thought i could make in a million years...thats what i want {sound selfish? ;)}
and last but not least...we want to go on VACATION!! yep...just the two of us. {you and i-you know you were thinking it} it may not be anywhere fancy shmancy but it will be somewhere for us. we have never been on vacation alone and i think this year were going to do it for us. time away...
so i will keep you updated as the year progresses...

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