Thursday, December 15, 2011

easy squeezy lemon peezy...

all the materials you will need....

1. watered down clear glue (i used elmers school glue)

2. a paint brush  (i used a larger one so it didnt take as long)

3. sting or yarn of your color choice (i used thick crochet string in red white and green for Christmas)

4. scissors

5. balloons (i used just the cheap ones from walmart but i would suggest getting helium balloons because they dont blow up with that little point on the bottom)

6. tweezers (to get the balloon out after you have popped it)

7. styrofoam block (i have included this because you can get a branch or twig from the back yard and hang them from it)

 step by step....

1. blow up the balloon to whatever size ornament you desire

2. brush the watered down glue on the balloon so they string will stick to it and make it easier for ya

 3. wrap the start of the string around the tie of the balloon (this helps so you dont have to hold the string in place the whole time)

 4. completely cover the balloon in multiple directions, randomly with the string (to change directions, wrap the string around the tie again)

5. brush the string with glue (make sure it is completely covered or you will have a soft spot)
6. hang the balloon from a place where it can drip (i used my clothes line in the basement with an old paint towel below to catch the falling glue)

 7. let dry overnight or for 24 hours until the glue completely hardens

8. pop the balloon (it will probably stick to the string/yarn at first, just carefully pry away with tweezers)

9. carefully pull the balloon out thru one of the holes in the string/yarn

10. you can sprinkle with glitter and hang with decorative string where ever you would like (i have mine in a vase stacked on top of each other)

another idea is to make them multi can wrap all three different colors on to one just starting my creative journey...i may decide to make this little guys for other holidays too...easter...valentines name it....the options are endless...


  1. Another good idea like this to.You are full great ideas,keep up pleaselove it love it,Cookie17

    1. Thank you!! I will definitely keep it up! Stop by every Tuesday for a new tutorial! :)


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