Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ahh....the beach

so....last month we went to MEXICO for my sister-in-law's wedding. let me just tell you...it was amazing!!! this was my view every day while laying out baskin' in the sunshine....perfect! the best part about vacation tho was not the wedding for me (sorry missy) it was falling more in love with my husband! this vacation changed something inside of me...i cant explain what it was but i realized the importance of our marriage and how much my husband loves me and sees past all the surface junk...we have been through a lot our first year
of marriage...but he loves me just the same and more than he did the day we said "I DO." i didnt realize what a lucky girl i am to be able to spend the rest of my life with this amazing guy. i am ready to move on from that first year of marriage...phew...thank goodness thats over with. he is everything to me and i love him to pieces!!!!

just some of the amazing things we got to do while we were there...
1. snorkeling-we got to see all kinds of crazy fish and sting ray
2. zip lining-there were 3 different lines you could go on...never have been before...quite the experience 
3. we went in an underground water cave

4. we went to tulum...that was an experience of a lifetime

5. every night while we were eating a mariachi band would come in and sing and play for everyone

6. we got to see a "mexican" michael jackson....who woulda thought...teeheehee
if you have never been to mexico you should seriously take a trip there. we had the most amazing week...beautiful weather...THE BEACH of course...an all inclusive resort...sunshine...friends...family....and

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