Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Time No Blog :0/

well hello there!!!! :) its been quite a long time since i have blogged, but like my cousin Katelyn Charnock, (who has an amazing blog btw,) i have been totally inspired by her and Aimee Charnock, (whom i shall claim as my "sister-in-law.") my husband and i have been super busy since the last time i blogged. we have had many many changes to share with you. i will try to be short and sweet with most of them, so i can get to the more inspirational blogs. so here goes the list of things that have changed since the last time i blogged....

1. we moved out of missy and josh's house! yippie skippy!

2. we got our first apartment together here in ohio!

3. my mother-in-law has returned from iraq!!!!!! hooray!!!!!

4. we planned an amazing vacation to mexico for missy and josh's wedding!! eeep....super excited about

5. i started taking pictures....i would eventually like to start my own business one day and take pictures of all
    the beautiful things and people in this world!

6. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hip hip hooray!!!!

i am sure there are tons more events that happened between then and now, but those are the major ones that i will expand on....hopefully i will be able to do this in a timely manor, but we leave on saturday for this amazing place The Valentin Imerial, in Riviera Maya! so, i might not be able to make the deadline of friday for all of these posts, but i will do my best.

so, to my very minimal followers, i will work on my blog and make it more interesting!! please leave comments...i would love to hear what you all think!!!

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  1. Yay! I love it! Keep posting, I am a loyal follower :) And thanks for the compliment ;)


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