Sunday, February 27, 2011

finally i have a sister...

we have had the best opportunity moving back to ohio to live with my sister in law and soon to be brother in law. (missy and josh) they are both great amazing hilarious fun loving people whom i have gotten to share some awesome times with in the past couple months! we have had the best time living here with them. the only problem is....i want my own house. i wanna be married and live the married life. i will be forever grateful to missy and josh because without them we wouldnt have been able to survive the move back to ohio! they have been such a blessing to us and they dont even realize it! i am so glad that i have had the chance to get to know my sister in law in a way that most people dont get to know theirs! we have had to share some of the things you dont really want your sister in law to know about you but its ok because we can laugh about it and just shrug it off. right now were on a diet kick because were going to mexico in november guessed it....THEIR WEDDING! holy shmoly! so were working out eating right and weighing in in front of eachother every week until we get where we wanna be! so far so good! shes hilarious and has made me laugh so hard these past couple months! whether she knows it or not she has been a great support system for me! i have had to confide in her for a lot of things because i had to leave my bestie back in oklahoma! she has been a great listener and i have learned a lot from her as well! we can sit for hours and just talk and talk about nothing and about something all at the same time! we can talk about the same thing over and over and over and still find new stuff to talk about. shes just great and i really just wanted to share that with you because god has truly blessed me with the best in law family i could ask for!


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    1. Thank you for the encouragement! God Bless you as well!


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