Friday, February 25, 2011

the beginning many of you know, my husband and i decided to move back to ohio from oklahoma. i have decided to join the bandwagon of blogging and let you all in on the journey we call life. i like to type in all lowercase letters and my grammer isnt that great but i hope you enjoy the ride. on monday my husband and i will be married 6 months and what an amazing 6 months it has been. our lives have changed so much in that little amount of time its amazing. i suppose i should start from the beginning of our relationship so you understand the craziness of it all. we met only 6 weeks before i had planned to move to oklahoma to attend rhema bible training center, which is a 16 hour drive away from ohio. now from the moment i first saw mike i knew something special was going to happen between that time i didnt know we would be where we are today. honestly i thought maybe a little fling before i left....but of course that was before we even said one word to eachother. of course he would tell you the story a little differently but we all know that my story is the true just so happend that we ended up at at birthday party for our friends 4 year old....he couldnt take his eyes off of me ;) it was the 4th of july so i had plans to go see the fireworks with someone else that night so i didnt stay too long at the party...after i left mike asked my friend all about me and said he needed my number and we had to go about a week later we all decided to go out on a double date to the texas roadhouse. i have been in love with him ever since. thankfully i had already quit working at that point and got to spend every minute i could with him. i had fallen in love with was over for me! for the next 2 months we had to communicate strictly over the phone....i couldnt even face time or video chat with him! boy was it hard...i missed him sooo much! at that point one of us had to make a was either me moving back to ohio which i knew is not what god wanted me to do...him move out to oklahoma...which of course was a huge decision since we had only known eachother for 3 or 4 months at that point....or call it quits...which neither one of us wanted! guessed it...he moved out there...JUST FOR ME!!! as you can imagine my heart was so overjoyed with love for him! the next 2 years of our lives are a blur! so much happend for us in oklahoma....we both got good jobs...and i finally graduated from school! i started working for rhema in the childrens department which was the opportunity of a lifetime for me...and mike got a job at an acura dealership....we were set! then all of a sudden....i missed my mom and my family....he missed his we decided it was time to come home! mikes mom is a nurse in the army and she was getting ready to be deployed....we wanted to be home for christmas and be close to his dad and sister when she left....we felt this was vital! buuuuuut lemme tell hasnt been easy for in this blog im going to be taking you on the journey as we decide where god wants us first of all and what life has in store for us over the next however long! i cant promise ill blog daily or even weekly but as our lives unfold and become more exciting i will fill you in.....enjoy and please please leave comments! i would love to hear what you all think!

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