Thursday, May 8, 2014

Infertility Click-Don't be a mean girl!

Don't Be A Mean Girl

So I came across a situation recently that made me think about this whole "infertility community" thing. I want to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE and ADORE all of the women and couples that I have "met" through our journey.

But, sometimes I feel like its a click. Have you ever gotten on those blog forum communities? I have never personally posted anything but I've read columns where someone will say the wrong thing or ask a wrong question and its like they shot the president. They get scolded and shunned basically from the conversation.

I understand you need to filter your social media life because there are crazies out there, but c'mon really? We are all going through the same thing, we are all dealing with the emotions and stress of infertility. We all know what it feels like.

Those of us who have been on this journey longer than the couple who just found out they will have to try Clomid to conceive, need to be supportive of them. They are new to the emotions and the trauma that comes along with that news. Instead of bashing them or asking if they are spam, we need to ask them if they are ok. What can I do to help you? Do you have any questions? If you don't want someone in your circle of friends, just deny the request to be friends with them. Don't accept the friend request and move on. I wouldn't want to be that to be my support group anyways.

Just my two cents for the day. But don't be a mean girl. We need to love and accept every one who is on this road with us because believe me its a tight road and its busy. We will bump in to people along the way and if we all rally together we can all kick infertility in the BEHIND! Let's celebrate and love each other!

Have you guys met Lena? I love her blog and she is so sweet. You can find it <here>!! She is so positive and I love reading her posts!!

Much Love!


  1. I'm sorry you've felt this way or been treated poorly by others in the infertility community. You're right, we all need to be supportive and loving. I've become a part of a few private groups on FB and have found that the smaller groups are bit more intimate and supportive of one another. Let me know if you want to be a part of one of them.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my blog on your post today!! Love meeting new people and supporting this amazing community that we are a part of! Much love to you! <3


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