Thursday, February 13, 2014

Build a Baby Update

So this is my arsenal of medication. In the mornings I take my prenatal vitamins, cranberry pill, extra folic acid, and low dose aspirin. Then at night right now, I'm taking Provera.

I was supposed to start my cycle on the 3rd. Didn't happen. So, I waited until the 10th and nothing. I took a test and it was of course negative. I called the Dr. and they had me go for blood work just to double check and make sure I wasn't pregnant and also to check my progesterone levels. Apparently they were low, which indicates that I didn't ovulate this month, which means my period will need help starting. That's the reason for Provera at night right now. I take that for 10 days then the period is supposed to start within 10 days of stopping it.

Ahh well, we weren't "trying" anyway this month because we wanted to start fresh when my cycle started with Clomid!

Now, it's just waiting until it does start then I will go in for an ultrasound to see where things are and then start Clomid if all looks well in there!! Praying!

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