Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Results Are In....

Hey All!!

I had my follow up Dr's appointment yesterday to go over my blood work results and it turns out I have Factor V Leiden. <you can read about it here>

In short what this means is that its an inherited disorder of blood clotting. I have a higher than average risk of developing a type of blood clot. It's associated with a slightly increased risk of miscarriage. Women with this mutation are two to three times more likely to have multiple miscarriages or a pregnancy loss during the second or third trimester. It can cause other complications too...preeclampsia, slow fetal growth, and early separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.

I either got the mutation from one or both of my parents. <thanks mom> There is no way to get rid of it, you just have to treat it.

How the Dr. explained it to me is that you have all these blood vessels in your uterus and if you blood is clotting then it restricts the flow to the uterus and the fetus. Therefore, causing miscarriage. So for now, I am on my prenatals, extra folic acid, and baby aspirin. Then, when I start my cycle we will do Clomid and a trigger shot all the while being monitored to check ovulation and all of that. Then I will start progesterone, I'm not sure yet whether it will be injections or suppositories <yippie> but either way it helps right? Then, once we get a positive pregnancy test, I will start Lovenox injections two times a day for my entire pregnancy and 6 weeks after delivery. Sounds fun right?

To me it's all worth it, but talk to me when I start the injections and we will see. I'm sure it will become second nature after a while though. Not too bad. I don't have PCOS, my hormone levels are perfect, my uterus is perfect, my tubes are open. All positive news...much different than a year ago when there was no hope.

We have a diagnosis and can move forward with positive hopes. I was soooo worried we would leave this appointment with "unexplained infertility" and wouldn't know where to go from here. But, we didn't. I am sooo thankful for this. We have dealt with this now for 2 years and finally have an answer.

I have to go to a hematologist now and get diagnosed "officially" so hopefully it will help with the cost of things. <craps expensive>

C'mon Feb. 3rd, I'm ready to start this Clomid and get baby a cookin'.

Cheers to positive news, it's been a long time comin'. If you're having trouble getting pregnant and aren't seeing a specialist...DO IT. There are so many more tests and information available through them rather than your normal OB. I was very discouraged with my regular Dr. and then we went to a RE and things have completely changed. 180° difference!!! There is hope! It may seem like it's going to take eternity, and I completely understand, but some day we will get our positive!!

Much love!

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