Thursday, January 16, 2014


Overall experience?

Not bad for the SHG! It was definitely uncomfortable but not painful. The only semi pain I had was when they put the catheter in. Other than that...nothing, nada, no pain. Which totally blew me away because I read all the horror stories online about how the SHG was impossible and the HSG was even worse.

But, all is well with my uterus! :) No polys or fibroids! Yippie!

The HSG....was totally fine. Yes, it was crampy and uncomfortable but NO where near what I was prepared for. I guess in my mind I calm myself because it's worth it to know what is going on inside. It's worth it to know that there is nothing hindering anything.

Now, we just wait on the blood results and go from there. I go back in two weeks to find out the results from all of that and to map out the plan of action!!

One step closer step closer! And that's all we can do...take it one step at a time!

One Step at a Time

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