Monday, February 18, 2013

A Case of the Monday's

Good Morning Everyone! Well it's almost afternoon now! :) Either way I hope your day is going exactly how you wanted it to go. Mine however is not. It's for sure a Monday. I've been trying to find a quote or something to get me going and I've found this one...

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” - Confucius

It's not really a "Monday" quote necessarily but it definitely helped me this morning. Wherever I am I need to be there with all of my heart.

I've been dealing with trusting God lately too. As you know, {because I confessed it}, we are trying to have another baby. After the miscarriage, I have found it extremely hard to trust God for another baby. Every twinge, pain, cramp, ect means there is something wrong with me. {right?} WRONG! I have convinced myself that I must have something wrong with my insides over and over again. I have also convinced myself that I'm pregnant every month only to get a NEGATIVE every time I pee on that stupid little stick. haha. Sorry if that's too much info for ya.

Anyway...this quote reminded me of the verse...

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart. Wherever you go go with ALL your heart. See the connection. If I'm going to trust God that we will conceive again I need to trust Him with ALL of my heart.
This goes for anything, not just in conceiving. Our health, finances, marriage, work, family, friends, and anything else that we're going through at the moment.
Is there anything that you need to trust God with ALL of your heart for? It's hard but if you keep this verse in front of you it will give you peace and the courage to face whatever it is.

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  1. Don't lose faith my friend. God listens to all of our prayers and knows what your heart desires. xo


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