Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make Up Lately


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I normally don't do posts like this but today I thought I would share with you what make up loves I'm in to right now!

The concealer is amazing. I am in love with it. It's Physicians Formula twin concealer is what the call it I believe and it works wonders for those morning when you didn't get enough sleep! Then I go to my powder which has a bronzer in it. I'm not big on putting foundation on my face because I feel like my face can't breath, so I just use a light powder!

Then on to my primer...this usually varies because I get Birchbox and a lot of times they send primer. So whatever they send is usually what I'm using. Same goes with my eyeshadow. Now, I would actually buy this but the one that I got is going to last me a long while.

My favorite part about putting my make up on eyeliner. It just makes my eyes pop and it adds so much definition to my face. I have found the jackpot, pot of gold, motherland, ect when it comes to waterproof {liquidy} eyeliner. I have searched and searched...spent tons of money only to find this $3 eyeliner from Target. I LOVE IT! It doesn't smudge, it's not to watery so when you put it on it doesn't go on your upper lid. It's perfect!

Then of course, I will never change mascara! I have been using this mascara since I first started putting make up on! It's never failed me!

I'm not big in to a lot of makeup so I don't go all out with my eyebrows and all of that. Just something simple and subtle!

How bout you? Do you have any long time favorites?


  1. Thankso for sharing your makeup routine! I am SO the same about my mascara! I used to use the same exact kind (except I liked the one with the curved brush). Had been using that brand/kind since I started doing my makeup. Then one day I decided to just give a try the define-a-lash mascara (same brand Maybelline) and fell in love. Now that is all I use! I have ventured out to try others, just to "see" but always go back to "my" brand! LOL

    Anywho... I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to come link this up to my very NEW beauty link up Makeup Monday!

    Its for all things makeup/beauty - related! Including hair and nails! Anything goes, looks, reviews, how-to's, giveaways - as long as its beauty related! :)

    And next week we actually have a fun challenge. "my husband/boyfriend/male frien does my makeup". It should be interesting! So if you want to join in, we'd love to have you!! ♥


  2. I love great lash!! I agree it is the best mascara on this planet!


  3. Definitely going to try that eyeliner from Target. Can't believe it's so cheap!

  4. That mascara is my same always fave! I've tried others just to see if I was missing anything, but I always go back :) I'd like to try that eyeliner, I have never found one I'm in love with.


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