Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Letters {01.04.13}


 It's Friday again! Holy!

Dear Husband, thanks for letting me play with my Christmas gifts and I know you secretly love it because you can do "man" things!
Dear Snow, you've came and now you can go. I'm ready for warmth!
Dear Body, we have to get back on track. We WILL NOT gain the weight back. We have to get it under control so that you will be 10 lbs lighter by the end of the month. Ok, good pep talk.
Dear New Bedroom that I Want to Finish, why are you so hard to restart. You look good so far but I have no motivation to finish you. Why?
Dear Readers, I love you ever so much! I'm sorry I have to cut back a little, it breaks my heart really but my family is my priority!
Dear Husband, I love you forever and more!

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  1. No worries on cutting back - we all have to at times! Family def comes first!!



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