Monday, November 19, 2012

Weight Loss Progress {week 2}

As you all know I'm trying to lose weight. I'm going to start posting my progress every two weeks. Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture in the same clothes I did this time, but here is the before picture I'm going to use....
This is the most hideous picture ever of me and for me to even be posting it on here means that I'm determined. My hair is greasy, I'm sun burnt, and large. Honestly, I look pregnant!
 I am not ready to post my weight but I will post my progress. From now on I will wear the same outfit so you can see the inches lost as well.
Starting date: 11/5/12
Goal Weight Loss: 55lbs
Today's date: 11/19/12
To date weight loss: 10 lbs


  1. you go girl. I wish I had something more..helpful to say, but, ATTAGIRL! I need to lose weight as well, with a goal of 30lbs, but, I don't have motivation. You just might be that inspiration. *hugs* <3

  2. congrats on your weight loss journey! we'll all be here to support you :) new follower!

  3. I went the opposite way. I posted my weight and not the picture ... although if I look horrible it usually gets deleted haha. It's tough but we're tougher! 10 lbs is awesome!

  4. Hi Danielle,
    Congrats on losing 10 lbs! I know it's not easy, but just think, if you stick with it, think of that fabulous new wardrobe you can treat yourself to! And of course, I'm sure you'll be lighter on your feet, and feeling better too. Keep up the great work!

  5. You're doing great! I'm on MFP as well. You can add me if you like. I'm "Loverleigh."

    Love your blog!

    Leigh @


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