Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {Two Thanksgiving/Fall Banners}

There's still time for some last minute Thanksgiving decorations. If you're like me and like to spend your money at Pick Your Plum then you have tons of craft supplies laying around. If not it's ok too. You can use paper or if you have a crafty husband/dad/brother/man to help you cut triangles you'll be set to go!
Materials Needed:
1. Some sort of triangle. Mine are wood but you could use fabric, burlap, paper, ect.
2. Paint {in any color you want}
3. Q-Tips
4. White Colored Pencil
5. Yarn, Twine, or Rope 
Pick the word/words you want to spell out. In my case I wanted to spell out "Give Thanks"

Trace out your letters before you paint them on. Remember pencil will erase but paint will not. I attempted this part several times before I got my spacing and letters exactly how I wanted them.

Paint your letters on with the Q-tips. This makes for soft looking strokes.
String them up and hang them high. 

 Banner #2. This one is more for fall but also goes with Thanksgiving too!
Materials Needed:
1. Bigger triangles made of same material used above.
2. Paint
3. Yarn
4. Q-Tips
5. Stencils of the word/letters you want to use
6. {Optional} Fabric for fabric flowers.
 Map out and tape your stencils where you want them to be placed. Paint in your stencil. I did a little modifying because I didn't like the way the seperated letters looked for the banner so I filled in the gaps using a straight edge to make them look uniform.

Then I added polka dots with the Q-Tips for added texture. I just didn't like look of a plain letter
on there. Then I made fabric flowers. You can find a great tutorial {here} For the flowers I used fabric that I had laying around and burlap.
Again, string 'em up and hang 'em proud!



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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I so want to make one now! So cute :)


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