Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {Winter Bird Feeder}

I love bird watching in my backyard! That's why in the spring I created {this bird bath} and am now creating some cheap, easy, bird feeders for those birdies that stay around for the winter!
Materials Needed:
1. Peanut Butter
2. Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Tubes
3. Bird Seed
4. String, twine, rope, ect.
5. Paper Plate
6. Knife

Spread the Peanut Butter all over the tube. You can use a lot or a little, just as long as your whole tube is covered.

Pour your bird seed on to your paper plate. I used the winter nut n' berry kind from Wal-Mart. Cheap but give the birdies a little nutrition to store over the winter.

Roll your peanut butter covered tube in the bird seed. Make sure you get it covered as much as possible.

 Feed your twine, rope, ect. through the tube. Don't tie a knot in it just yet.

Here are my 4 finished tubes with the twine already strung through it. Ready to hang.

Tie your rope around a branch on your tree. Make sure you tie it on a branch that's close to another branch so the birdies have something to sit on when they're eating.

All done!! Now sit back and watch the animals enjoy your tasty treat!




  1. We have a pine tree in my parent's backyard and used to do something similar with the pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. I remember the trickiest part being getting the string wrapped around the pinecone, so the tube is a great idea! Thanks for the reminder, adding this to the list to do with my god daughter :)


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