Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {picture size in html}

Ok, so I might be the only one that didn't know this but you can change the size of your pictures without choosing the presets in blogger. You can edit them in your html instead of compose....just go here...
Locate the numbers that are highlighted here. They might be different of course in your html depending on your original picture size.
You're going to want to keep your percentages and proportions even though so you don't get a distorted picture. {sort of how my picture looks above..all blurry} You will have to play with it and keep switching back and forth between compose and html to make sure you don't have a funky looking picture. This will work with horizontal and vertical pictures.
Try it out...this way you don't have to take the extra steps in PicMonkey or whatever other program you use to resize your pictures.
Crazy huh?


  1. That is really good to know.. i always have to resize everything in photoshop!

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    1. Yay! So glad you let me know you're here!
      Following back now!


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