Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The First Time...

So, on Saturday I shot my first wedding. {disclaimer: I'm not a professional photographer, nor am I trying to be at this point} I happen to just be someone who has more than a point and shoot camera with a flash. I don't have all the big fancy lenses {I have three} or the big fancy lighting equipment {which I found out is important when you're shooting in a HUGE church with yellow walls. {hello yellow cast on ALL of the pictures} Not to mention I found out on FRIDAY morning that I had to take the pictures. {medical emergency with her other photographer}YIKES!!!!!!

Anywho, I thought I would share some thoughts about the day. Well, actually let me back up to Friday night, the bachelorette party. We went to the fair for the night and we had TONS of fun! Some free rides, scavenger hunt, and food! So, I didn't get home until about 1:30-2, {Saturday morning} had to be back up at 6 AM, {because I live 1/2 hr away from where the wedding was} start taking pictures at 8, {hair and make up} go to the church and take pictures of the other girls getting ready, formal pictures of the guys, {umph} pictures of the dress, bride getting ready, formal pictures of the girls, and then THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure all of you pro's out there know what it's like to shoot your very first wedding. Ok, I would hope you all would have some experience too so that you know what to set your camera on and the flash and all that business. Well, typically I stick to pictures outside...better lighting, no noise, ISO and shutter speed are easier to figure out, all of that jazz. Well, in a NO light church with yellow paint on the walls, you can imagine what my insides were doing the whole time. Flip flops.

Then we went to the reception and had a blast. I did get to enjoy myself some while at the reception! Overall, I was taking pictures for 13 hours. But seriously, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I got to see the whole day, every detail, and try to capture it for her. I did the best I could and I'm pleased with most of them. A lot of them have A LOT of noise though. So, I need to work on that if I ever want to pursuit this any further. We shall see. I may stick to outside portrait shots?!!? haha...just kidding!

Let me know what ya think. Oh, just another side note....these are not edited. I haven't gotten that far just yet. I wanted to wait for her to see what she thinks about everything before I put the time and effort in to all that!


  1. Those are some really fun and creative shots! I can't imagine how scary that would be to have to take responsibility for taking pictures for a wedding at the last minute!

  2. Danielle, they came out really great! good job! :)


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