Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters {10.26.12)

Dear Husband, thank you for being my go to man! You have taken care of me while I'm sick, even though you're sick, and made me feel better. These past couple days have been rough on us, but we're on the uphill swing of healing now!
Dear Libby, holy crap! You brightened my day 100% with those surprise flowers yesterday!!!
You are more than a friend could ask for!!! And I mean that!
Dear Cold or whatever you are, please go away immediately. You kicked my butt but my God is bigger than you! HA!
Dear Friday, you came pretty quick, but that might be because I didn't go to work for two days!?!?
Dear Warm Weather, could you stay? I don't want winter to come. I'm not ready for freezing and snow!
 Dear Cough Strawberry Cough Drops, how did I now know about you before? You are delicious!!!
Dear Guys Putting the Roof on our House, I understand you want to get done, but don't you understand that I'm sick and I want to sleep past 7:00. It's still dark out and you're pounding on the roof.
Dear Readers and New Followers, I'm so glad you're here!! You make my life so much better. You make me smile! You're the best and I can't wait for all that's in store here at The Life!!
Dear Husband, lets get better so we can do fun things again instead of lay in bed?!


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  1. what a nice friend libby is... and your hubby?! aww for taking care of you when you're sick! so sweet!


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