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Learning about love with Elisabeth {Guest Post}

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I am in the Bahamas right now so I have asked some wonderful ladies to do some guest posts for me! I'm sure you will enjoy all of them. I consider all of the great bloggy friends. If you have any questions about anything while I'm gone, please contact Libby. She blogs over here or you can email her @ libnasoto{at}gmail{dot}com. She is going to be my keeper! I adore her and am possibly meeting her right now! :)

Please do me a favor and show them some love. Check out their blogs and leave some comment love.
I already miss you all very much! :)

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Hi - I'm Elisabeth, and I blog over at La Vita e Bella

A little bit about me:

1. I love icecream, my husband, and the color blue.

2. I detest running long distances, lose-lose situations, and not being able to fall asleep at night. 

3. I could spend my whole life dancing, learning languages, and traveling and be perfectly happy. 

Fun fact: I lived in Tokyo 'till I was 11, New Hampshire 'till I was 18, and am now finishing school in Utah. 
Ben and I met December 6, 2010
We were engaged May 6, 2011.
And we were married August 6, 2011.

It all happened a bit fast. The speed of it would scare me a little, until I remembered what it felt like to be with him; when I’d known him a week it felt like six months. When we’d been dating a month it felt like two years, and by the time we were married, I couldn’t remember life without Ben at all.
We just celebrated a whole year of marriage two weeks ago!
If you're not a fan of love, stay away from the blog for the rest of the month because the gushiness is still wearing off :)

So I'm no expert, but I believe marriage is falling in love over and over again. And to do that, here are some 3 of my 10 tips:

Make time just to have fun.
 Set aside specific time once a week to do something where you laugh. Maybe its going on a silly date, watching a comedy, ticking each other - whatever it is, make sure you laugh. I married my best friend, and I think I've added another 5 years to my life because of how often we laugh :) 

Stare at each other for two minutes straight. Sounds silly, I know - but its proven to cause a connection. 

Tell them you love them, without saying it. Of course, saying it with your voice is so important, but remind them with little things: notes, favorite candy bars, random text messages, unsolicited kisses, you get the idea ;)

For the rest of the tips, read the full post here.
And if you don't want the rest of the post, I promise I blog about things other than romance :) 

Thanks Danielle for letting me take over today :)
Hop over to La Vita e Bella and say hi!



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  1. Have fun my friend! Stay safe! xo

  2. Such a cute Etsy shop! So since we can only pick one item from your shop and ALL the pillow covers are way too cute to choose just one, I would pick the yarn covered letter with felt flowers! I may have to come buy one anyways if I don't win :)


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