Wednesday, May 30, 2012

hes gone...what to do??

Happy Wednesday....

This week is going so fast because it feels like its a day earlier than it really really feels like Tuesday...weird.


So my husband is away this week for some schooling for work...I miss him terribly of course but it leaves me some time to get some "me" projects done along with some sewing for My Etsy Store. So, I have somethings that I found on Pinterest that I am going to be making this week...I have linked back to all the original tutorials unless otherwise noted!

1.Clothespin Memo Board - This is super easy too!! There isn't a tutorial for it....I might just make one myself so you can do it too!!!
2.Fabric Covered Pots - love this because I have some fabric scraps I am dying to use!
3.New Camera Bag - This one might not get completed this week but I could get a start on it. I need a new camera bag badly because my old one is too small now!! Good excuse right?! I think so!
4.Grapevine Wreath Bird Bath - I have been wanting a bird bath for some time now but cannot find one that I absolutely in the meantime I will make my own!!
5.Anthro Inspired Flowers - I am going to make these but in different colors!!!
6.Confetti Wall Art-Not sure if I am going to use gold or not but I love how cheap and easy this is.

Hopefully this inspires you to get a little crafty this week!! I will post my tutorials on all of these as soon as I get them done!! Of course I'm going to add or take away something that I feel will make it special to our home!!!!

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