Wednesday, June 21, 2017

in to everything

Rylan is in to everything.  At almost 11 months he is crawling, climbing, pulling on, and chewing everything! He's my absolute favorite and I am so lucky that I get to be his momma!  I feel like it's really pointless to put all the toys away for the night because it starts bright and early with just tearing them all out again.  But it's ok because hes happy and that makes me happy! Momma loves you big boy!

He obviously doesn't have enough toys.  No matter where I put them or how I store them, they all have to be out. I have waited for so long to see toys all over the floor that this site actually makes me happy!
There is a trend starting.  My son is either in pajamas or is half dressed. He loves to be in just his diaper. Apparently, that's how I was when I was little.  A boy after his mommas heart!
So, he's not "allowed" to have this remote.  But every day hes manages to find it.  We hide it different places and he always sniffs it out.  As you can see he is SUPER proud of himself. Gosh he's cute.
Movies everywhere. He will sit and stare at the covers for minutes.  I think hes trying to figure out why the people are staring at him because he only stares at the ones with faces on the front.  Castaway is his favorite to stare down.


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