Thursday, June 15, 2017

bathing suit shopping - mom edition

First of all...what in the world.  Are bathing suits even bathing suits anymore.  I feel like I'm shopping for something someone would wear in a porno. Yikes.

Cupshe - 26.99
Fairy Season - $10.39
Fairy Season - $11.69  
Victoria's Secret - $49.99

Here are a few options to chose from.  These sites are pretty amazing. (no I'm not getting paid for this post)  I have ordered suits from all these sites and have not been disappointed. I will tell you that the Fairy Season suits are a little on the cheaper made side, but for around $10 you can't beat it.  They do take forever and run a little small due to the fact they are coming from China.

I'm not in to the whole tankini thing but all of those sites do have some selection for those too!!  I tried Old Navy but just didn't find anything there that I thought was fitting for my 10 month post pregnancy belly. :) I'm working on it but not quite there yet.

I only found one at Vickie's that I really thought was appropriate for my body.  There are mom's out there that can wear bikinis and look amazing but for me...nope. I like the high wasted because they cover more but I just can't bring myself to wear an itsy bitsy anymore.



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