Wednesday, June 7, 2017

a coming back recap

it has been officially a year and a half since i've blogged a single thing.  i have a ton of posts sitting in draft that i wanted to publish but never did. the past year and a half have been hard on me but also so joyful.  its hard to explain. so i will do a little recap...
  • we had a baby! whis is rylan cash covington. he was born on july 31st, 2016.  he has changed my life in so many ways. i know everyone says this but it's a love that no one can imagine!
  • my husband and i are about to celebrate 7...7 years of marriage.  it's crazy.  i love him so much and it's true what they say...i love him more today than the day we met.  there are so many reasons that i love him and find something new every day!
  •  we are planning on swimming A TON this summer.  i love being outside and my parents have a pool now so we are going to be posted up there.  i love summer time and having a little one to enjoy it with makes it even better.

  • i dont know how many people are still following a long but i hope some of you are and maybe we will get some new followers. 
  • i'm getting ready to plan my baby's first birthday!!!!! it makes me sad but i'm so excited to see what who he is going to become. 

that is all for now. there are so many things that i need to catch up on and i'm sure i will.  i'm so excited to be back!!!!

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