Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Letters {12.28.12}

Dear Husband, thanks for a wonderful Christmas. Our life is pretty perfect right now and I love it! I feel so peaceful about everything!
Dear Boots at Target, come home with me! Please! I promise I won't wear you out too much! (Honey?) I know it was just Christmas but I would have asked for them if I saw them earlier!

Dear Mom & Dad, thanks for the Cameo! I can't wait to start too many projects with it!
Dear Snow, you could have come a day earlier so that we would have had a nice white Christmas. I guess I won't complain though. One time is enough...after this week you aren't allowed to come back! I'm ready for summer!
Dear Summer, did you hear that? I'm ready for you!
Dear Readers, I may take some time off after the first of the year so that I can get things in order at home. I feel a little disorganized and I want to work on that!
Dear Quincey, I know you love all your new toys but could you not wake up mom and dad in the middle of the night? Thanks!

Dear Husband, LETS GO SLED RIDDING!!! Oh, and I LOVE YOU!



  1. I am obsessing over boots at Target too! They are TOTALLY considered necessities!

    Glad ya'll had such a great Christmas:):):)

  2. Those boots are quite comfy! I picked up the black one when it snowed, but then it all melted a couple days later. Glad you had a great Christmas! :)


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