Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Letters {11.30.12}

Dear Husband, you're the best. You're my man and no one else can have you and your sweet love. I can't wait to find out what you got me for Christmas. It must be something I really want because you told me I couldn't look at the bank account. hmm...shouldn't tell me I can't look at things.
Dear Christmas, I'm enjoying all my decorations so I'm being patient and waiting for you. I don't like to take my decorations down. It makes the house feel so homey.
Dear People at Lowe's that put a dent in my car, seriously? I don't wish ill on anyone but you could have at least left a note saying you were sorry. Instead you just leave and act like you didn't do anything. grrr.
Dear Quincey Kitty, you seem to be enjoying the tree more than you did last year. If you could please stay out of it you would make momma very happy!
Dear Niece/Nephew, I can't wait to find out what you are. I want to start buying things for you but I don't know if you're a little princess or a handsome prince. I'm going to spoil the crap out of you! 5 more weeks...seems like a lifetime but it will come fast!
Dear Weight Loss, you and me are getting along pretty well. I'd like to become closer friends so that my neice/nephew will have someone close in age to play with.
Dear Husband, thanks for putting up with me this week. I know I wasn't the best of companions due to it being our due date week. I love you!


And the winner of the BlueBird Designs Bauble Giveaway is....

Mary @ A Happy Wife in NOLA! Mary I will be emailing you!

Thanks to all who entered! :)

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  1. Haha I like the bank account comment. I'll have to be really sneaky this year too for what I plan to buy my husband this year. Let the suspense commence ha! :)

    Happy Sunday! xo

    PS. I've got a great Christmas ornament swap going on right now!


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