Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {Personalized Est. Sign}

Materials Needed:
1. Canvas {your choice of size}
2. Ruler or Straight Edge
3. Paint {your choice of color-I used acrylic paint}
4. Paint Brush
5. Tape of some sort
6. Clear Glue
7. Glitter or other embellishments
8. Pencil

First you're going to mark off your lines. I marked my first one at 3" then tape off.

My ruler is 3" wide so I just measured down another 3" and taped off again.

Next I measured down 5" and made another line. Then another 5" and made my last line.

Really it's up to you where you want your line placement. I just liked it this way. It took me a couple times to figure out how I wanted to do it.

Decide where you want your words or writing to be. I wanted two lines of writing so I spaced them according to what I thought looked right.

I didn't take pictures of this because it took me a million times to figure out where I wanted to lettering and the spacing, how I wanted to writing to be, big or small, ect. But I sketched out in pencil where I wanted my letters to be. Make sure you do it light enough that your paint will cover it.
I went for the smudged look so I painted my letters on with a pencil eraser and it made it look a little rubbed on there. It's not perfect and I love that about it!!

My 1 got a little more smudged than I wanted, so I let it dry and erased it with an eraser. Worked fine for me.

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